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ROWA, an innovative pharmaceutical company of German origin, was established in Ireland in 1959. ROWA Germany and ROWA/ROWEX Ireland co-operate closely, particularly in the field of product development and technology transfer. Our complementary business activities enable us to achieve cost reductions, time and production efficiency and market expansion worldwide. With an international presence across the globe, ROWA has representatives in almost every country, reaching out to meet all nations' healthcare needs.  

Our Mission

To provide products and services that consistently meet technical standards, regulatory requirements and customer expectations, delivered on time and at a competitive cost. to continue as a business of global distinction and professionalism in serving our clients, partners and ultimately the consumers of our products.



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The company Rowa Wagner is a privately owned medium-sized pharmaceutical company situated in Bergisch Gladbach (Cologne), Germany. The company was established in 1952 by its founder the late Roland Wagner. The company specialises in the development and production of both ethical and OTC products.

In addition to a very strong market base in Germany, the company is also a major exporter. Rowa, Germany and Rowa, Ireland cooperate very closely – particularly in the field of product development and technology.